Elim Lutheran Church

Evangelism and Social Ministries

Mission statement:

Evangelism and Social Ministry Committee shall be responsible for the outreach program of the congregation.  The committee shall enlist the members of the congregation in proclaiming the Gospel in words and actions.  Committee members shall also be responsible for the social ministry programs of the congregation and its members.  To carry out these responsibilities, the committee shall:

  • Emphasize social ministry through the regular educational programs of the congregation and through special programs.
  • Analyze and study the social needs of the people within the congregation and the community.
  • Develop directions and guidelines for providing assistance in times of need (fire, death, injury, poverty, unemployment, imprisonment, illness, loneliness, theft, etc.)
  • Encourage members of the congregation to be actively involved in community social ministry programs (such as Family Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, LCS, etc.)
  • Plan and recommend a year-round program of support for World Hunger and World Relief.
  • Evaluate suggestions for social ministry that come from the corresponding division of the ELCA.
  • Supervise and assist with the work of the Care Team ministry program.
  • Submit to the Administration Committee, in appropriate form and at the time requested, a budget request for the coming year's work.
  • Foster a climate for evangelism that encourages the members of the congregation to share their faith with one another and with those outside the fellowship or faith.
  • In cooperation with the Education Committee, emphasize evangelism through the regular educational programs of the congregation and also emphasize evangelism through special programs and events.
  • Encourage an atmosphere of hospitality within the congregation.
  • Maintain an on-going program of contacting newcomers to the community.
  • Maintain an ongoing program of hospitality to visitors and prospective members.
  • Be concerned for the reception, orientation, and integration of new members, reviewing their progress after six (6) months, and twelve (12) months.
  • Be responsible for a program of community public relations that identifies the congregation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Publicize the Gospel and the activities of the congregation by various media.
  • Supervise the publishing and promote the effective use of all parish publications.
  • Maintain, with the Property Committee, all church bulletin boards and signs with concern for the total church program both to visitors and members.
  • Evaluate suggestions for evangelism that come from the corresponding division of the ELCA.

Evangelism and Social Ministry Committee 2005 Annual Report

Social Ministry:

Ongoing "Outreach" Activities:

Family Kitchen:  Nobi Kawasaki continues to lead this critical service for those people who cannot quite make their paychecks cover the month of meals.  Our congregation provides the 3rd Tuesday dinner every month, using First Lutherans facilities.

Alcoholics Anonymous:  Elim Lutheran provides space for the Friday evening meetings of this important organization.

Cub Scouts Pack 4508:  Elim Lutheran provides classroom and fellowship hall space every Thursday to this South Kitsap group.

Several community organizations, such as the Menchester Community Council and the Port of Waterman, use Elim as a meeting place.